Decorative and Stamped Concrete
Serving the Bucks County PA Area

At DCE Flooring we provide Decorative & Stamped Concrete in the Bucks County PA area, including Spray & Slate Texture, Micro Finish, and Self Leveling Concrete. We use Elite Crete Systems products, manufacturers of high quality seamless flooring and resurfacing products. We are also Elite Crete Systems Certified Installers.

Our Process

  1. We start with an existing concrete floor, such as a patio, walkway, driveway, garage, kitchen, family room, basement, bathroom, etc.
  2. Indoor surfaces get prepared by mechanically profiling the entire surface using a number of different concrete grinding machines. Outdoor surfaces get prepared by pressure washing.
  3. Any concerning cracks get cleaned out and "welded" together with a two-part crack fill epoxy and quartz mixture.
  4. Once the surface is prepared and repaired, we begin coating with Elite Crete Systems products. Each job gets one to two Bond Coats using Elite Crete Systems Thin-Finish, which allows our product to bond to the pores on the surface of the existing concrete and fill in any minor surface imperfections.
  5. During this process, we will patch and repair any major surface imperfections using Elite Crete Systems Texture Pave.

This is the initial installation process for all decorative and stamped concrete surfaces, indoors and outdoors, regardless of finished texture or design.

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Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Stamped Concrete Acid Stain Acid Stain Acid Stain Acid Stain Trowel Finish Trowel Finish Trowel Finish Trowel Finish (Interior) Trowel Finish (Exterior) Trowel Finish (Exterior) Trowel Finish (Exterior) Trowel Finish (Exterior) Trowel Finish (Exterior) Trowel Finish (Exterior)

Indoor/Outdoor Decorative & Stamped Concrete

Slate Texture

  1. Using Elite Crete Systems Thin-Finish and a steel concrete trowel, we apply a slate-like texture by hand.
  2. Once this is dry, we engrave a design (slate, stone, border, etc.) into the surface using a concrete cutter.
  3. Once the design is engraved, we stain the surface using Elite Crete Systems Antique Staining Base and a number of different pigments. Staining brings out the texture of the floor and provides light and dark shades of each color, resulting in subtle to drastic mottling of the colors applied.

Each floor is different. The designs and colors are made on-site and are project specific, creating a completely custom, one-of-a-kind decorative/stamped concrete floor.

Spray Texture

  1. Using Elite Crete Systems Thin-Finish and a drywall hopper gun, we spray concrete on the surface, which provides maximum slip resistance. This texture feels almost like a soft sandpaper.
  2. Typically with these decorative concrete floors, we will stencil out a design and spray the texture on top.
  3. Once the texture coat is dry, we pull out the stencils to reveal the design.
  4. Color is added to the concrete mix prior to spraying the texture, so rather than getting the mottling like you would with staining, you get a very clean appearing solid color concrete.
  5. To help break up the solid color, we sometimes spray "highlights", which is a light misting of a contrasting color. This results in a slight "paver-like" color with one solid main color and one to two contrasting accent colors or specks.

Stamped Concrete - Spray Texture

Stamped Concrete Overlay

  1. We use Elite Crete Systems Thin-Finish as a primer and Elite Crete Systems Texture Pave as a build coat.
  2. We rake out 1/4 to 3/8 inch thick material across the entire surface.
  3. We then use a liquid release agent and seamless texture mats to stamp an impression of a slate-like texture into the material.
  4. We then engrave a design into the floor (typically cobblestone, flagstone or brick) and stain it using the Antique Staining or Acid Staining method, or a combination of both.
  5. Since standard practice states that the entire surface gets a coat of Acrylic Concrete Sealer, grouting these stones is optional, but does provide for a more authentic appearance of your stamped concrete floor.
Indoor ONLY Decorative & Stamped Concrete

Micro Finish

Using Elite Crete Systems Micro-Finish and a steel concrete trowel, we apply 2 to 3 very thin coatings to the floor, sanding between coats, and polish the final coating. The coloring process for this floor is either:

  1. Variable Integral Coloring – color mixed into the concrete, using different shades for each coating
  2. Acid Staining – applying multiple coats of one or more acidic concrete stains
  3. Antique Staining – applying multiple coats of Antique Staining Base with a number of different pigments
  4. A combination of Variable Integral Coloring and Antique Staining

The finished product is a very smooth floor with rustic variations in color and a lot of "depth" in appearance. The Micro Finish floor is a very close representation to polished concrete.

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Micro Finish Micro Finish Micro Finish Micro Finish Micro Finish Micro Finish Micro Finish Micro Finish
Self Leveling Concrete

Self Leveling Concrete is a polymer-modified cement that has high flow characteristics. It is typically used to create a flat and smooth surface with a compressive strength similar to or higher than traditional concrete. Self Leveling Concrete has increased in popularity as the preparation requirements for floor coverings has increased, with vinyl floors becoming thinner and tiles becoming larger, for example.

There are two main types of Self Leveling Concrete floors:

  1. Underlayment
  2. Underlayment is a Self Leveling Concrete which is installed over an existing subfloor to smooth the surface and correct any surface irregularities prior to the installation of all types of flooring. Many newer engineered floor coverings require a very flat and smooth floor in order to perform as promised. More often than not, a concrete or plywood subfloor will require some amount of repair prior to installation of your new floor. Many times, a concrete subfloor will have flatness imperfections due to a variety of reasons. Whatever the case may be, self leveling your subfloor prior to installing your new floor is the most promising method of obtaining the proper substrate on which to install your new floor.

  3. Topping
  4. Topping performs similarly to Underlayment in that it is installed over an existing subfloor to smooth the surface and correct any surface irregularities. The difference is that Topping is actually your finished floor. When a Self Leveling Concrete Topping is installed, there is no need for a floor covering, as the product itself is engineered to be your "wear surface". Typical applications for Self Leveling Concrete Topping include warehouse floors, light industrial applications, retail stores and institutional facilities. Self Leveling Concrete Topping can receive a pigmented color dye, stains, saw cuts, or mechanical polishing to produce a decorative concrete finish.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance

We service existing stamped concrete in the Bucks County and surrounding PA areas. Typically when a customer has stamped concrete installed, whether it's a pool deck, patio, driveway, walkway, etc. they don't maintain it after it's been installed. It is inevitable that the concrete will dull and fade, and often will lose some or most of its original color. With newer stamped concrete, we help to prevent this from happening by pressure washing the concrete (to deep clean the surface) and applying one to two coats of Elite Crete Systems CSS Acrylic Concrete Sealer.

With older stamped concrete that has already faded and lost some or most of its color, we are able to rejuvenate the concrete and are often able to apply a more custom color by using our Antique Stain Base and a number of different color pigments. Sometimes we can even change the overall color completely (i.e. original color is beige and brown, and we stain it grey). We recommend performing this service every two to three years to ensure that your Bucks County PA area stamped concrete always appears as vibrant and beautiful as the day it was originally installed.

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